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Since they are using another person's identity or a made up identification, the person won't get in trouble and will not have any penalties. The cyberbullying cannot be traced back to them, which is a big explanation why they use a fake identification in the first place. This type of cyberbullying has higher the number of suicides in teens over the past few years. Financial gain can be an alternative motive of catfishing. In 2015, three girls created a fake social media profile and managed to steal $3,300 from the Islamic State, a terrorist group. They were approached by a recruitment officer and asked for money to go to Syria. After being given the money, they automatically deleted their account and pocketed the cash for his or her own private travel. Some online users have used catfishing to explore their gender and/or sexual identities. For example, on the MTV show Catfish, in line with the documentary, a girl named Sonny connects with a male model named Jamison who is, basically, Chelsea, a lady using her choice identity to engage with other women in an internet space. Catfishing has become more widely known throughout the subsequent decade. It started from the documentary, and it ultimately became a well-liked television series.

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