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random video chat app free

random video chat app free

This has caused a number of new chatrooms to pop up across the information superhighway, splintering his listener base. A Tinychat room created by the Tub Guy called the 'OG Capitalist Army' was one of the vital ideal - every now and then maintaining up to 300 people in the room by the top of a show. Over a better few days, fans joined in the chat to discuss the recent events of the "clash" and various Trolling Tactics to use on Ghost and other Blog Talk Radio hosts. However, many of us were afraid to visit back to the chat room due to recent "assaults" by newfags (claiming to be members of the NCF) and other hackers who were seeking to use Tinychat to dox TCR listeners and trolls. Tinychat also is notorious as where where Troll War III first started. On the night of January 27, 2012, Ghost hosted a chat but determined he would rather check out Tinychat than use Paltalk again.

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